Where In The World Is…

Carmen Sandiego?

Wrong. Where in the world is Mildo.

If you were born in the nineties, or any time before that, you will certainly remember the old PC game, Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

A while back, I wanted to play a little game with the knowledgable travellers in the digital world. While hopping on and off planes, learning new things, discovering new places, and telling stories from the perspectives of others who don’t have the opportunity to write like we do.

When people book their next destination, they tend to immediately post about it online, documenting where they’re going, and sharing every step of their adventure along the way.

There’s something special about reading a story, not knowing where the writer is guiding you. That sense of trust, that you know this journey will go somewhere unknown, and you’ve got to use every little detail to find out how you can follow their footsteps too. But, not knowing where the heck you’re reading about can also be incredibly frustrating.

If I were to start writing like this, would you read on? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share them in the comments below.

Join me on my secret adventures, and try and crack the code.


Your Thoughts

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