Where In The World Is…

Carmen Sandiego?


If you are in your early twenties, you may remember this PC game from about fifteen years ago.

For a few months now, I have been considering starting a-new, and playing a little game with the knowledgable travellers in the digital world. I’m about to finish my media degree, and with that, I hope to really start exploring this world we live in. I’ve travelled to a few places on the map, but over the next few years I hope to start hopping on and off planes, learning new things, discovering new places, and telling stories from the perspectives of others who don’t have the opportunity to write like we do.

When people book places to travel, they tend to immediately post about their future travels online, documenting where they will head off to, and stating that they are officially in ‘Hermit Mode’ or, saving for overseas.

I have fallen into this habit aswell. But next time, I want to keep the location a secret, and I want to write about the place, in as much detail as possible, without giving away the name of the country, region or city that I am in.

It is with this idea, that I give to you, Where’s Mildo?

Join me on my secret adventures, and try and crack the code.


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