Celebrating 21 Years of Mildo & The Kings 87th Birthday

After re-fueling our tummies at breakfast, we hopped into a small bus. We booked through Tour East, and met our friendly guide, Nickels – who happens to be the youngest tour guide in this city.

Our first stop was the Grand Palace. Luckily we went today because tomorrow the palace is shut for the Kings 87th birthday – until the 5th of December.

Dressed in long pants and a button up shirt, the sweat was dripping down my back, with the heat from my black pleather bag generating more sweat. I didn’t think the sweat patches on the rear of my pants were actually there. I just thought I was the only one who knew I was sweating. But when I caught my butt’s reflection – I knew it was real.


Huge flocks of Chinese tourist groups squeezed past us. I’ll never understand why the Chinese choose to wear short dresses, when the rest of us respect the dress code that is VERY clearly stated on signs before you enter.

When we went into the emerald Buddha shrine, where we are supposed to be quiet and no photos are to be taken, I very carefully placed myself in front of a woman who had her phone out, taking a forbidden photo of the Buddha. But not to worry friends, when she goes to show her mates that photo, all they will see is my grumpy face right in front of the camera. HA that’s what you get for disrespecting the rules of a temple.

The sun faught against the thick hot fog, and what felt like 99% humidity was probably the average humid day in the city.


Afterwards, we went to the gems gallery, and looked at how rubies and saphires are cut and put into gold by the workers.

But now, it’s time for me to cool down in the pool, looking over the cho praya river before I get ready for my big evening at the Sirocco.

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