Instead of lazing about the pool, I decided to tag along with mum and dad to a tailor that was recommended to us by a local.

A cabby picked us up at 1pm sharp and took us a few blocks down to a tailor that sat on the corner of a busy street, called Mahanakorn collections.

Five men waited at the glass door and opened it before we got the chance to grab the handle. They all welcomed us warmly, and immediately sat us down before a large pile of magazines with suit templates, dresses and tops, ties and other female clothing items.
Vibrant colours of silk, cotton, polyester and other fabrics were neatly folded and placed on dark wooden shelves all around the room.
After offering us drinks, the men put their serious faces on and began suggesting styles and fabrics that would suit our body types.

I went in to simply tag along, with no hope of buying any tailored goods. In a pink button up shirt with white Hawaiian flowers, I sat there nodding at mum as she picked up ridiculously intense patterned materials.

But I succumbed to the urge. You see, I have an absurd obsession with button up shirts. I’ve always envied men with their variety of fun button up shirts. Women have simple taste. Me, I like loose, flowy button up shirts and harem pants.

Using the design of the shirt I had on, I pointed at a teal cotton fabric with white elephants. And before I knew it, I was being measured up.

So tomorrow morning we go back for the first fitting. And holy guacamole am I excited to see the outcome of my next addition to my wardrobe.

Next, we took the hotel staff’s advice and walked down the street that was right in front of our hotel. Next to 7/11, we found a massage joint called I.D Massage.

At roughly $10.67AU per person, we got oil massages. We were lead up a steep, navy carpeted staircase that wound tightly in a spiral, upstairs to a small room where five mattresses were separated by a cream curtain. The ladies threw large green pants and jumbo sized white shirts on the mattresses and mumbled, “Take off your clothes,” in English to the best of their ability.

Outside I could hear motorbikes and the occasional sound of something falling to the floor. Comforting knowing that I’m inside.

Afterwards, mum’s face was esstatic, but dad looked somewhat mortified.

I didn’t even want to know. So I walked ahead in a hurry to miss out on what he had experienced.

That brings my birthday to a close. But then again, it hasn’t hit 5pm yet. So I guess you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear what adventures we get up to tonight.

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