Shopping Made Fun: In Thailand

When we got to the tailors, they took us upstairs into a very warm room with fabric neatly placed on all the shelves. As soon as we walked in the door, the man fumbled with the air conditioner control panel, and with the fifth poke of a button, the air vent shuddered and cool air shot through in our direction.


We were making small talk with one of the tailors – who was telling us he was Burmese – when a young woman opened the door, wearing gym shorts, crocs and a white t-shirt that had an Asian cartoon printed on it. She said something in Thai, handed over our tailored garments, gently closes the door behind her and went back work.

Happy with the progress made on our items in under 15 hours, they told us they would pick us up again at 6pm tonight.

Upon departure, they sent us off in their company cab, to the sky train station. They overheard us talking about how we’d get to 93 Sukhumvit – the Jim Thompson outlet store, so without even hesitating, they gave us a free ride to the station.

For just 52 Baht each, we hopped on a train to Bang Chak, which was 10 stops away – or a 25 minute train ride from Siam.

When we hopped off the train we had to navigate our way to the Jim Thompson outlet store, carefully checking each sign as we walked along the main road. After getting impatient, we asked a local lady how far away it was, and she pointed to the building right next to us.

I hate shopping. I find it so boring. But golly did I have fun looking at the fabrics and patterns all around me. I got myself some silky goods, and mum got some giant plastic leaves that can be used as placemats. To celebrate our shopping success, we sat down at the cafe and ate lunch. I had chicken with jasmine rice, basil, a huge fried egg and chilli.


If you find yourself in Thailand, I highly recommend you go to the Jim Thompson outlet, it has so many fabrics to choose from, some pretty damn cool ties and shirts for the lads, and bags galore for the ladies.

I forgot to mention that when we woke up this morning, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky – VERY unusual for Bangkok. But as we walked out to the exit, through the glass windows I saw rain drops falling to the ground. Heavily.
“I should not have worn sandals,” I mumbled.

Huge puddles of water lining the streets, water dripping from the tangled power lines and soapy scum floating on top of the puddles made me frown.

But we braved the rain and headed up the side street back to Bang Chak station. Trying to hurry along and get under cover, I didn’t watch my step, and put my foot in a hole. I felt something squishy slip beneath my sandal, and when I looked down, it was a banana.

Not everyone gets the chance to say “I slipped on a banana in Bangkok.”

Waiting for the rain to pass, we’re hoping that it goes away so that we can go to Pat Pong night markets to snag some more bargains.

Tomorrow night is our last night in Bangkok, then we’re off to somewhere else early Monday morning. Yet again, I’ll be leaving clues in my stories for you to guess.

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