Picture Alan, Stu and Phil sitting on the steps of Sirocco, with aerial shots of the dome as they call Doug to tell him that they’ve lost Teddy.


Well, as we walked out of the glass doors at 6pm, a clear night sky gave way to the moon above and millions of break lights and headlights 64 floors below us, where the city traffic sat still during peak our.

We ordered two hangovertini’s and watched as people with accents from all over the world took photos of the view on their iPhones with selfie sticks. The bar lit up green, then pink, then blue, then back to green, and as the sun set, no stars could be seen above us.


Taking a lift 12 floors down for our dinner booking, we stepped out into a dark room with mirrors and bronze walls.

There were only two stars in the night sky over Bangkok as we sat at the Breeze restaurant on the 52nd floor of the Lebua, or State Tower. Breeze is one of the top 10 restaurants in the world. So, as we looked through the menu, we ignored the prices because we already knew we were in for a shock.


Dad had wasabi prawns for entree.
For main he had a mixed seafood platter with xo and chilli sauce.

For main I had crispy pork with sweet and sour sauce, capsicum and lychee. Inside the lychee, there was pork meat. The pop of the lychee met the delicious pork inside.

And mum had chilli crab with okra, coconut and tamarind.


So, now we are poor, and heading back to Tom n Tom’s for a cheap breakfast, and then off for our first fitting at the tailors.

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