This morning we left the heat hazed Bangkok City, and boarded a plane that had a broken overhead cabinet. The one hour flight carried us north of Bangkok, to a city surrounded by mountains.

Leaving the glass automatic doors of the airport, I felt like I was walking through a local car park near my home. The climate was similar to Sydney, beautiful clear skies, with only a few stringy white clouds.

When we got to the hotel, we took a peep at the Shangri-La grounds. The pool looked better than what the photos had depicted, and our room was almost double the size of what it was in Bangkok.

Taking a stroll up the street to see what this new city has to offer, we popped into 7/11 and Dad found a whole heap of Chang beer for 35 baht a can. Luckily we got there just in time to grab a few cans. The alcohol fridge in the back corner is only open in the morning until 2pm, and the padlock is taken off after 5pm until closing time. Holding a plastic bag full of beer, we happily strolled back to the hotel and lazed about the pool while mum went and got a foot massage for 250 baht.

With only two single beds in the room, we asked for a third one, and even after we got back from being lazy in the sun, no bed was to be seen. So we called up, and straight away an old lady came in the room with a huge grin on her face,
“Sa wa de Ka,” she sang as she pushed a roll out bed two times her own height. She began shifting the furniture around and dumped it on the floor, then pulled it out for me.

The next few days are jam packed with activities, and I’m sure the photos will help out with clues.


This evening we’re going to take a quick five minute walk to the local night bazaar after we grab some chow from a nearby restaurant.

You’ll get more hints from me soon, but for now, ta ta.

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