Legs aching, mosquito bites stinging and eyes a little blurry from the chlorine – Mum, Dad and I decided it was time to eat some dinner before we continued looking through the night bazaar markets.

We tried to locate a restaurant that was recommended to us by a very friendly family we met yesterday in Bangkok, and just from walking by, we could tell that the Roadside Bar n Grill was it.

Dad had a Tom yum soup.

I had a pineapple boat with pork.


And mum had pad Thai.


I’ve never been to such clean, tidy markets – with super friendly shop owners. The people didn’t hassle you, or say “Yes, this one for you madam. I have in jumbo size,” too often.

The hill tribe patterns and weaving were everywhere to be found in each little stall. Prices listed on small stickers made it easier for us to suggest a smaller price. But here, the people are too kind, and I settled for 2,500 baht when I was drooling over a large bed cover – that supposedly took 6 months for the monks in the hilltribes to make.

A few stalls down, I was fiddling with a small wooden pot that had a purple flower inside, when a voice behind me said “Hello sir,” before looking at me, and then quickly giggled and said, “Oh sorry! Hello madam.”

It’s been 10 years since I’ve been mistaken for a boy. But back then I actually wore boys clothes because the colour pink and girls clothes made me cry. Thank goodness I grew out of that stage.

Anyway, after mum bought 12 pillow cases, a bag of dehydrated mango and some shirts with the local beer logo, we called it a night and headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep before we go out exploring tomorrow.

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