Need I say more?

Probably not. But as I previously mentioned, our tour guide Alex recommended we go to a beef noodle soup joint across the road from our hotel.

“Go to da shop wis da yellow sign.” We followed Alex’s commands, and found the shop with the yellow sign. All writing was in Thai, but two words that read “BEEF” and “NOODLE” in that order.

The shop had no doors, was painted a pale blue and had a giant wok with beef and hot water simmering out the front. In a glass cabinet facing the street there was three different types of rice noodles and some green leaf-age. For 100 baht Dad and I tucked into the most flavoursome and delicious bowl of beefy goodness that I have ever tasted.

Afterwards, I went and chilled out by the pool. While I was there, a man came down with a drone that had a GoPro attached. He began flying his device high above the pool and all around. A man nearby in a wheelchair came near me and we both wow’d and tilted our heads in awe as this little craft was flown all about the place.


He then explained to us that the footage could be used for Shangri-la advertisements. Good thing I had my best swimmers on. NAHT.

Earlier this evening we headed back to Anusarn night markets, where I fetched myself some more little trinkets to re-decorate my room… And Mum bought 6 lanterns.

Again, we grabbed a feed at the Roadside Pub & Restaurant. Tonight I chose the Northern Thai Coconut Milk Chicken Curry. This dish was so full of coconutty flavour, and the side dish with accompaniments made it even better. The pickled bits n bobs went so well with the crispy noodles and chicken in the curry.


After dinner, with full bellies we sauntered back through the markets. Our eyes were caught by a brightly lit tuk-tuk that had been re-decorated as an ice-cream cart. I got myself an 80 baht banana and chocolate ice-cream, managed to smother my face in chocolate, and we headed back to the hotel.


So I guess that brings us to the end of today. But there’s much more ahead tomorrow.

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