Where To Next?

In a few hours we will be waving goodbye to our luggage at the Chiang Mai airport.

That’s right. For the past few days I have been in Chiang Mai – if you hadn’t already guessed it.

The next time I see my luggage will be back on home turf in Sydney. All depending on whether or not the flight change over at Bangkok airport will correctly put our luggage on our connecting flight.

I’ve said it before, but ten days is not long enough. I barely even feel like I’ve travelled to be totally honest. But that’s what happens when you go overseas with your parents.

Staying in five star hotels is not travel. It’s tourism.

Having planned our days in advance – that is also tourism.

Leaving nothing behind but footsteps and bed sheets bundled on my fold-out bed – that is another indicator that I have not travelled.

To travel is to leave behind some sense of change or leave with a feeling that you have made yourself a better person or improved someone else’s sense of being.

Yeah, I’ve enjoyed my time. But on my next adventures, I’ll be seeking much more thrill and exploration.

Oh, and on a final note, today I spilt coffee all over the table because I thought the coffee lid wasn’t opening so tipped it upside down and opened the latch.


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