Upon Thai Airways’ bumpy landing earlier this morning, I took a wet hand towel from a flight attendant and instead of using it on my hands, I frantically swiped it across my face, carefully removing the sleep from my eyes.

Sleep you say?
Who am I kidding. I didn’t sleep a wink on that 9 hour flight.

Anyway, as you may remember, I noted that Mum and Dad treated themselves to massages on Tuesday. Well, Dad got a 200 baht, one hour foot massage.

He said his foot didn’t hurt straight after. But that night he woke up in agony. And ever since he hasn’t been able to walk on his right foot.

Hobbling out of the airport, Mum and I insisted that we go straight to the hospital.

With no Medicare cards, just passports and luggage piled in the back of our car, we now await the results of Steve’s X-Rays.

But hey, what’s an adventure without an injury?

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