Couches, Sand Dunes and Wet Weather

After we cooked our breakfast on the camping webbers and stove tops, we slept off our hangovers on the sand and waited for another two utes filled with our mates to arrive at the beach.

With 4 utes we cruised the sands, dug each others tyres into a bog, got some air over big dunes and got soaked by the rain.

Bec and I hopped in the tray of Jeremy’s ute as he flew over the bumpy sand dunes, with us holding on for dear life to anything we could grab a hold of. Flying over one steep drop, we saw a convienently placed abandoned couch on the sand. We decided to attach it to the back of the car and drag it back to the campsite for more seats.

Sadly, the couch was old and the part that we had attached to the ute snapped off when Bec tried to sit on the couch as it was dragged behind.

The rain didn’t dampen my mood or my determination to master the art of four wheel driving. I’ve never driven manual, so today when Mark let me take the wheel of his ute, and tried to teach me how to drive in low range four wheel drive, I somehow managed to get to first and then second gear, only stalling a total of thirteen times. Total number of attempts = Thirteen.

We lead the pack, weaving in and out of bushes, smashing the wheels through mud tracks and flicking sand at campsites as we passed.

We piled the tarpolens, rubbush, surf boards, cookware and filthy clothing into the cars and headed back home.

Where will we go next? Stick around for more adventures & videos from the Good Friday adventure.


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