We found a clearing in the pines beyond the Blue Mountains at around 9:30pm last night. After many failed attempts driving down the clearings to find happy campers already seated around the blazing fire, Mark was running out of places to go. And we were getting hungry.

We found a four wheel drive track, followed it down for about 500 metres, and voila, we spotted a clearing amongst the pine trees. Without hesitation, we started putting up the swag, and offloaded the firewood we had collected earlier. Finally, it was time to cook.

On the menu we had two marrinated steaks, still on the bone, and potatoes with sweet chilli flakes and garlic sauce.

With the fire in front of our feet, we ripped into the food and cracked open a few cans. The pines swayed in the wind, and above the tips of the trees I could see twinkling stars. To the other side of the track, there were gum trees, and through the twiggy branches we had a perfect view of the almost-full moon.

The flames were flickering in the woods, and it was just us two. With the doona calling my name from inside the swag, we called it a night and tucked ourselves in.

Waking up throughout the night, I could hear the campfire crackling, and peeping through the swag, I felt it’s warmth on my cold face.

Sadly, this morning I awoke to the sun rising over the campsite.

Just kidding… But on a more serious note, the campfire burnt out a few hours ago, so while Mark has a little more of a sleep in, I’m off to collect some more firewood for our breakfast cookup.

Stay tuned for our four-wheel driving adventure, my learning how to drive manual, and some dark tunnels.

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