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Glow Worm Tunnels – Go There

After breakfast I put my bush socks on and squeezed my feet into my hiking boots – thanks mum. Once we had finished cleaning up the campsite and putting out the fire, we set off to embark on an adventure to find the Glow worm tunnels.

As you may have previously read about my many tedious attempts to drive manual, I am proud to announce that yesterday was a success. On the dirt roads leading up to the Glow worm tunnels, Mark pulled over and gave me the wheel. I got into second gear without stalling, and weaved my way through the potholes – making sure I splashed in every puddle.

It was a long and bumpy ride, but when we pulled up, we still had a 2 kilometre hike ahead of us. Living up to the mystical name, the entrance to the tunnel was enchanting… and damp.

As we entered, Mark whispered,

“The glow worms are scared of loud noises and don’t like too much light.”

Keeping that in mind, we held our rookie iPhone torches at the floor, making sure we didn’t trip and fall into the water. We stopped every now and again, holding our torches to our bellies, and squinting at the roof of the tunnel to see the glow worms. But sadly, when we entered, a group of others were following us with bright torches and loud voices.

When we emerged from the other side, I was disappointed to say I could only count on one hand the number of glow worms I saw.

Mark very wisely decided we’d wait until the pack of noisey people had passed ahead. When we couldnt see their lights in the tunnel, we entered quietly.

It wasnt long before we could see the neon worms glowing on the walls and the roof of the damp tunnel. The great thing about the tunnels, is that flash photography can’t capture it. So if you really want to see the tunnels in all their glory – GO THERE.

Want to know what we got up to next? Check in tomorrow to find out. 

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