Yesterday my good friend Cameron and I found some Sydney Bush Walking cards and picked out a medium level, long walk.

Follow the white dots to see the path we sort-of followed
Pretty tree at the 1Km mark

We started at Meaddowbank wharf and walked 10 whole kilometres to Carbarita wharf. On the card it looked like a nice leisurely walk, but oh boy did it feel like a treck.

We’d walked about 7 kilometres when Cam stopped and said,

THIS ISN’T 10 K. I swear we’ve done 15 already.

So I looked up the distance travelled on my phone maps, and reassured him that we had only walked 7.2 glorious kilometres.

The trail we walked is literally called the Kokoda Track

He started telling me that we could stop and get a cab. But then we turned to each other and giggled, nah.

When we started the walk at around 2:00pm, there were no clouds in the sky. Maybe a few fluffy white ones, but none as dark and foreboding as the heavy clouds that began hovering over our heads.

We were wandering down a main road in the middle of I-Dont-Know-Where, when it began to spit. But the sun was still shining, so I didn’t give a damn. The only issue was that we had no idea where we were going. We checked the maps and it seemed we had missed a part of the trail that followed the river. Instead we must have taken a turn onto a main road.

I can’t believe we’re lost in Urban Sydney.

It wasnt until we were strolling through the lovely houses and appartments in Breakfast Point that the rain started dropping a tad heavier. Cam pulled a purple umbrella out of his bag, propped it up and demanded that I used it.

So I did.

Luckily, we could see the Carbarita wharf jutting out of headland in the near distance.

We saw a ferry slowly approaching the wharf, and decided to run. Little did we know, that ferry was going in the opposite direction. Luckily, 4 minutes after the Circular Quay ferry departed, the ferry that would take us back to Meaddowbank arrived.

We felt so triumphant about our 10 kilometre hike through Urban Sydney… up until the ferry gently floated across the river, back to Meaddowbank in 6 minutes.

Next week Cam and I have another hike on the cards. Literally.

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