On Friday night we got to the campsite at 11:30pm. With our brand new double swag still in the bag, we were keen to pull it out and set it up.

On a flat patch of soft grass, we started unravelling the giant swag. We slipped the mattress in and used the poles to prop it upright. To test how much room was in the swag, I crouched on the inside at the end, and did a forward summersault, landing just at the end of the swag.

“Yeah there’s plenty of room in here hey.”

I couldn’t see much around the new campsite, but from what I had been told, there was a lake not far off in the distance, and two small cottages. I could see that one of our friends had towed the boat to the lake, and Mark had his two dirt bikes on the trailer behind his ute.

We called it a night at about 1:30am, and got a good sleep before our big Saturday.

As usual, I woke first, wandering aimlessly around the property. The lake was about 500 metres away from where our swag was set up, and the un-tamed grass on the property had plenty of ditches and holes for the dirt bikes – and my clumsy self – to stumble upon.

Two other utes turned up at around 10:30am when we were cleaning up the breakfast dishes. We now had three dogs on site. A fluffy hound, a boxer and another big brown dog.

He wants coffee

The boys offloaded their bikes from the trailers, popped on their helmets and zipped around the property.

We took the bonnet of an old paddock basher, attached it to a car strap, carefully tied it to the towbar of Jeremy’s ute, and VOILA we created a Land-Wakeboard.

Fun times at the lake

The girls and I sat down on the bonnet, and with bums burning, we were towed around the campsite. The bumps and ditches in the tall grass left us with bruised heinys – and hilarious GoPro footage.

Later that evening, we started up a huge bonfire down near the lake. The fire was still blazing the next morning when I went down to clean up the damage.

On Sunday we took the boat out, and despite the freezing cold water, I swam out to the boat and went tubing. They tossed me around corners and tested my strength, but they couldn’t toss me off.

We packed up the camping gear, hopped into our vehicles and set off back home at around 3:30pm that afternoon.

The three hour journey home wasn’t so bad. With a quick stop off at Maccas and a few packets of Beef Jerky, I was content in the passenger seat.

Our next camping adventure is scheduled for the June Long Weekend.

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