This morning I picked up my dear friend Danje and took us to Sydney’s Royal National Park. It took us about an hour to get to the long, windy road that took us to Bundeena. This little hide-away town is tucked into a secret cove, protected by miles and miles of thick Aussie bushland.

We parked up the street from the ‘starting line’ of the trail.

Royal National Park Map

When we looked at the map, we decided that instead of picking a place to get to, we would both agree to walk for one hour along the coastline, and then decide if that was far enough.

The beginning

Because Sydney has been copping alot of rain lately, the trails of the track were 98% MUD PITS. Which sucks for all the cake-faced girls that were being dragged along by their adventurous boyfriends.

“Do you think the mud will dry up anytime soon?”

I heard one girl sigh and ask her boyfriend if he thought the mud would stop anytime soon. As we passed them on the way back I said, “It only gets worse.”

With plenty of other keen hikers on the muddy track, it was hard to navigate between the mud, puddles and accidentally causing someone else’s muddy shoe accident.

I got impatient when a young tourist was being a little TOO careful around the mud – so I tried to overtake her… By slipping my foot into a nice warm pit of mud.


Danje and I came to a large puddle that covered the whole track. We had two options, walk in the water, or on the carefully placed wooden planks that a very kind soul has placed over the water on two rocks. We took our chances, and without breaking the planks, we got across. I was secretly hoping that when we came back, these planks would still be un-broken.

A little further along the track, after some more mud, ocean, waves and large rocks, we came to another puddle. Luckily I saw a small trail off to the side that someone had bush-whacked through to avoid this mess. So we took it.

Through the bushes I could hear young kids runnig through the puddles – and giggled to myself, If only they knew the secret path.

Sorta crossing oceans

An hour had passed, our sunburnt faces and limbs agreed that it was time to turn back.

When we got back to the car, we drove down to Bundeena beach, where we found a small take-away cafe. With our tummies rumbling, we ordered a small hot chips to share, and a burger each.

We carried the enormous brown paper bag down to the sand, and munched until our stomachs were content.

Lunchtime view
Bundeena Beach

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