The Sorting Hat (Camping Edition)

To make the most of the THREE DAY WEEKEND that is next week, Mark and I are putting the names of three camping destinations into a hat, and going wherever the piece of paper that we select reads.

On Friday night we will pull the name out of a hat, and leave around lunchtime on Saturday. Based on the brief descriptions below, you’ll have to guess where we’ve ended up going.


1. Treachery Camp, Seal Rocks

Treachery Camp is about 266 kilometres away from my humble abode. Surrounded by the Myall Lakes National Park, there are plenty of bush walks to do and birds to see.

2. The Ruins, Forster

The Booti Booti National Park camping grounds are approximately 275 kilometres away from home. With cabbage tree palms, paperbark trees and Whale watching in Winter, it’d be the perfect time of year to go.

3. Trial Bay, South West Rocks

The furthest of the three, it is about 448 kilometres from home, but with Trial Bay Gaol and the Smoky Cape Lighthouse, Trial Bay offers us a little more to see and do.

Check out Where’s Mildo on Friday night to see where the Sorting Hat takes us.

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