DOLPHINS and Stinky Campers

Monday mornings usually start with a groan, and a strong urge to stay in bed. Instead, I awoke to Mark shaking my shoulder, trying to unzip the swag, and telling me to get the up because the sun was about to rise over the dunes.

I pulled my ugg boots over my camp socks, wiped the sleep out of my eyes and we ran up the nearest sand dune. The sun was harder to see because the dunes around this particular campsite were much higher than on Sunday morning. So I ran down to the beachfront, where the tide was low, and plenty of seashells were waiting for me to sort through them, and tried to see if the sunrise could be seen from there. Sadly no, but the sky was showing off with different shades of purple, red and yellow. After filling up another plastic cup with seashells, I returned to the campsite to hear the crackling of bacon on the frying pan, and the smell of mushrooms sizzling away. Mark had already cracked open a Dare Iced Coffee for me to sip on by the re-lit campfire that was burning away with the sun rising over us.

 After breakfast, we cleaned up the campsite yet again, and went for a very short drive to the nearby headland that you can see in the distance. We walked around the side on the rocks, and heard a friendly American traveller call out to us, “Somebody spotted a brown snake on the headland yesterday, so watch your step.” With that in mind, we stayed on the rocks, and avoided stepping in the long grass.

 We sat and watched fish as they jumped in and out of the waves – probably trying to avoid all the fishing rods in the water. Afterwards, we took the beachfront Four Wheel Drive tracks to half way down the beach where we found another dune to stop on. “I hope we see some dolphins or whales,” Mark said as we grabbed the doona and propped ourselves up on the roof racks of his ute.

 As we sat and watched the clear blue water, Mark pointed to his right and said,

“Milly… I see dolphins.”

I laughed, ignoring him because I thought he was joking. But he wasn’t. A pod of about eight dolphins jumped in and out of the very flat water right before our eyes. If we were ten minutes later, we wouldn’t have seen them. It was a mixture of perfect timing, and of bloody good luck. After wasting about an hour on the roof of his car, we decided it was time to head back home. But before we left Hawks Nest, we drove around to Jimmys Beach, a small, white sandy beach that faces the Nelson Bay/Anna Bay inlet. Even thought it’s Winter, it was such a warm day, it felt like the start of spring. So we popped on our swimmers, and corageously waded through the water.

With salty skin and smelling like a couple of happy – stinky – campers, we climbed back into the car and set our sights on home. It wasn’t until we got half way down the freeway, that we came to our first set of traffic lights in three days.

3. Frikken. Days.

HAWKS NEST HAS NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS? That’s it Sydney, I’m moving.

Where will we go next? Keep checking this page to find out more clues.

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