Are you a drinker of wine?

Do you dream of going to wineries?

Me neither.

But the other week we went on a roadtrip to our friends family-owned Bed and Breakfast/Winery in Louee.

Look at this picture above, now use your imagination. What do you think it looks like?

If you thought ‘AN ELEPHANT’ you are correct. The property is very cleverly named, Elephant Mountain House and Vineyards.

Mark and I got up at 4am and headed North West to Lue. We came across many furry friends on the way… Two dimensional friends. What’s a road trip to the country without a few wombats, kangaroos and sheep ‘sleeping’ on the side of the road?


We honked at a large herd of sheep, and watched as they scattered away from the road. We pulled over to stretch our legs, and decided to climb down a steep pile to rocks to pat a horse that came to the fence.  I put my hand out to touch its nose, and heard “OI” from the distance. I could see a lady at the homestead standing at the front door glaring at me from the top of the hill. So we scrambled back up the rocks and into the car.

Instead of picking grapes and drinking wine, I had a go at using a shotgun, bashed around the property on a quadbike and cooked hashbrowns on the barbeque.

We also played a classy game of croquet on the grass. Very ‘Alice In Wonderland’ I know.

And to finish it all off, we went to bed at a time I dont remember, and woke up with horrid hangovers. Luckily, I purchased a massive bag of hashbrowns from Aldi. So we had a greasy and heart stopping breakfast of: eggs, bacon, barbecue sauce, hashbrowns and bread.

All in all, I went to a winery, and didn’t drink any wine.

You’re welcome.

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