Camping Queensland Road Trip

In Fraser’s Company

On the road to Fraser Island.

When your alarm goes off at 3:00am for work you’re all like: 

But when it goes off at 3am to road trip your way to Fraser Island you’re all like: 
Despite the shitthouse weather, extreme tiredness and rumbling bellies, we left the Wallaby Hotel and hopped on the M1 towards Inskip point for the ferry across to Fraser Island.



The tide was high, so we took the in-land track. For those of you who havent been to Fraser, if you do the inland track when it hasnt been recently grated – IT IS BUMPY. This track might have been a rocky road, but we managed to rack up some serious vehicle damage.

– The Ranger got a hole in the back tail light from a rock and the roof rack above the tub cracked a bolt

– The Hilux got a squeaky bull-bar/squeaky everything

– The shocks in another hilux almost cracked

– And plenty of tiny pebbles smacked into windscreens

For a little preview, the dust ahead gave us about 1 metre of visibility. Deffinitely not giving us enough time to slow down when we saw the car in front get air.



We got to the end of the inland track, and hopped onto 75 mile beach. I dont know if its just me and my lowsy mathematics, but 75 mile beach is bloody long.



It was a smooth run across the sand, but as all other 4X4 reviews say – WATCH OUT FOR THE BLOODY WASH OUTS AND PUDDLES. We all got a little too excited and went smashing through the big puddles (Video coming) and got some pretty sick air over some surprise bumps.

When we pulled up to Eli Creek, it was like a scene from.. well it was pretty much like turning up to Bondi on a Sunday.

From afar we could see some big black clouds rolling in, and according to the weather maps, we were in for a bit of a storm.

So after blowing up the tubes, we chucked them back in the cars and went to scout out a camping spot for the first night.

We struggled. The man on the barge said that on Boxing day they had over 700 cars hopping onto Fraser Island.

It seems all of these people were BLOODY CAMPING AT ELI CREEK.

But we found a little area that would do for one night, and agreed to find a better spot the next day.


Rain hail or monsoon


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