There once was a convoy of fourbies that arrived on Fraser Island. The six vehicles had NSW number plates and stubborn Sydney attitudes. The convoy set rubber to the sands of Fraser on the 27th, but with a forecast of strong winds and monsoonal conditions for the week, three of the fourbies called it quits and left on the 28th, dwindling ten people down to four.

The end.

Sad story huh? BUT THE TRIP MUST GO ON – Matt, Bec, Mark and myself courageously decided to brave the weather out on Fraser Island, whilst Boersy and Steph stayed in the comfort of the Kingfisher Bay resort.

We made a wise decision to move our camp spot from Eli Creek on the east coast, to a magical place called Wathumba Lake. Wathumba is situated on the western side of the island. With the strong winds forecasted to damage the south east coast of Fraser Island, we intelligently decided to shelter ourselves from the winds.

On the way to Wathumba
Inland tracks

Just as we suspected, when we made it to Wathumba the winds were barely there, just brushing through the trees and over the water.


Hanging about at Wathumba campsite
Until tomorrow, Sun

On the morning of the 30th, after a delightful night’s sleep in Wathumba’s sheltered camp zone, we woke to the lake bed almost completely exposed by low tide.

Hand fishin’

First, we went hand fishing for toadies, then we made some breakfast and decided to leave the swags set up at Wathumba for our day trip to Sandy Cape, the most northern point of the Island.

Top of Fraser Island
Sandy as

High tide struck at 11am, right when we got to Sandy Cape, so weaving in and out of cars on the tight tracks to and from the cape became difficult. We couldnt avoid spraying the other cars with sea salt, but managed to get back down the coast to Waddy Point.

Very nice, much blue
Hangin’ about

Upon leaving Waddy point, we overheard some fellow UHF users chatting about a shark fisherman in the middle of the beach.


On the way back from Waddy Point our tummies rumbled as we zipped in and out of the sandy tracks. We returned to our swags sitting right where we left them, ripped out the camp chairs and sat around as our dinner cooked.

In the morning we awoke to a few dingoes hanging about Wathumba Lake.

Good morning fellas

It was New Years Eve, and Bec unfortunately woke up with hundreds of red bumps. Bec was scratching away with no relief for the itchy bumps, and the two of them decided it would be wise to leave the island.


Mark and I headed back to Kingfisher Bay Resort to see Boersy and Steph for New Years drinks.


Luckily we were blessed with a ripper of a sunset to end 2015.

We woke on the first morning of 2016 in our swag rolled out on the gravel of the Kingfisher Bay parking lot.

Read about what happened next here.

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