Having a Stay-z at Huskisson

After saying “are we there yet” every half hour on the freeway, we pulled in to the driveway of someone’s house at Huskisson. Mark looked down at his phone and said, “Just looking for the directions.” I was safely assuming we had at least another hour in the car…

Until I saw a man walk out the side of the house with a set of keys and a huge smile on his face. “You must be Milly and Mark!” He said, handing the keys to Mark.

It was then that I realised this is where we would be staying for the next two nights.

A very well kept secret, and an excellent choice on Stayz.com.au. We walked through the Chinese gates and into a beautiful Indonesian inspired garden. The outdoor living area had timer slats around the garden for extra privacy, AND a hammock.

I was wildly impressed by the accomodation as I thought we would be sleeping in a hotel room. But with our own little kitchen, TV and bathroom, we had ourselves our very own granny flat.

We walked to the shops and grabbed some groceries and grog, and headed back to our little home to play dominoes and watch whatever was on the box.

In the morning, we made bacon and egg rolls before heading off to Hyams beach. You know – the one with the whitest sand in the world?



The waves were serious dumpers, towering above my head before crashing over me and tumbling me back to shore. It gave me vivid memories of my childhood…


*giant wave rolls towards 6 year old girl*


*gets tumble-dryed by wave*


Deceiving water

A few slops of suncream, two take-away burgers and a beer later – we’re back at the room swinging in the hammock.

I hear The Huskisson pub has good grub. So tonight we’ll give that a try.


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