Jenolan Caves – Without the Price Tag

On the way back from Boyd River Campground we took a detour through Jenolan Caves. Due to the Anzac Long Weekend rush, there was very limited parking. By limited I mean people were parking at the top of Jenolan Caves road and risking their lives by walking the whole way down to the entrance.

Here are a few things you should do that won’t cost you a thing – except petrol, food and the clothes that you will have to wear in public.

1. Feast your eyes upon the Giant Arch Way.



2. Take a stroll along the Blue Lake.

FUN FACT: The water in the lake is blue because of the light refracted by dissolved particles of limestone in the water.


3. Take yourself on the self-guided Twilight cave tour.

Instead of paying $35^ for a guided tour, why not take yourself on the lonely self guided tour, where you can take your sweet time wandering around without a tour guide jabbering on about why there are things dangling from the roof.



4. Spot the rock wallaby.

Seriously I dare you to try.

5. Climb the stairs to look over the cave below.

So go on, leave your wallet at home and take yourself to Jenolan Caves.

*Don’t leave your wallet, that’s plain stupid.


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