On the way back from Boyd River Campground we took a detour through Jenolan Caves. Due to the Anzac Long Weekend rush, there was very limited parking. By limited I mean people were parking at the top of Jenolan Caves road and risking their lives by walking the whole way down to the entrance.

Here are a few things you should do that won’t cost you a thing – except petrol, food and the clothes that you will have to wear in public.

1. Feast your eyes upon the Giant Arch Way.


Just watch your head if you’re walking beneath it. Who knows, those rocks might get a little loose one day.

2. Take a stroll along the Blue Lake.

FUN FACT: The water in the lake is blue because of the light refracted by dissolved particles of limestone in the water.


3. Take yourself on the self-guided Twilight cave tour.

Instead of paying $35^ for a guided tour, why not take yourself on the lonely self guided tour, where you can take your sweet time wandering around without a tour guide jabbering on about why there are things dangling from the roof.


4. Spot the rock wallaby.

Seriously I dare you to try.


If you (somehow) get bored as you walk through the caves, try playing a game of ‘spot the rock wallaby.’

5. Climb the stairs to look over the cave below.


There you have it. Now you’ve got one less reason to not visit Jenolan Caves! Go on, leave your wallet at home and go there now.

*Don’t leave your wallet at home, that’s plain stupid.

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