If you’re all about good times, camping, sunrises and sunsets – Blacksmiths Beach might just be one of the best spots to set up camp.

If you’re driving from Sydney, you can be there within two hours. That’s including the time it’ll take you to drop the PSI in your tyres.

Remember that Blacksmiths Beach has some of the softest sand in Australia, we usually drop the tyres down to about 14 PSI, and we’ve never had any issues.

No doubt, by the end of this post you’ll be packing yourself a picnic, and throwing your camping gear into the back of your tray.

1. It’s great for a day trip with a convoy of fourbies, or a multi-day overnighter.

If you enter via Redhead beach, head straight for the lagoon. Just be prepared for mosquitoes at night.


2. There are a few little tracks you can take the 4×4 to test out the suspension, and the power up the hills.


4. Even on a sunny day in the middle of summer, the beach is so huge, you’ll find plenty of space to yourself.


5. So much room for activities.

Bring an old boogey board and slide down the dunes into the lagoon. Or bring the beach fishing rods and try your best at catching something.


6. The sunsets are unreal.


7. You’re guaranteed to find your own private campsite.


8. Watching the sunrise from the top of the dunes inside your swag, is probably the best thing. Ever.

Literally nothing beats this.


Responsible Camping

My main concern, is that people are leaving their rubbish in the dunes, and burying dog-shit instead of disposing it somewhere another person won’t step on it.

If things keep going this way, this spot will cost more for us to use, or even worse – we won’t be able to camp here anymore. Look what happened to Stockton Beach!

Do your bit, clean up after yourself and your pets.

On another note, you actually can’t camp on the dunes. We didn’t know this until the ranger kindly came up and told us. So it’s a good idea to not find where we were camping in these photos. Find a spot on the flat region instead.


Get ready to be hit with a penalty of $220 if you choose to not buy a permit before driving on the beach. There are a few options for permits, but generally the cheapest covers you for one week, and the other lasts one year.

Check to make sure you’re getting a permit that covers how often you want to drive on Blacksmiths Beach.

You can get your permits from a few places near the beach:

  • Caltex Star Mart Swansea
  • Metro Petroleum Redhead
  • Blacksmith’s Home Hardware
  • Belmont Golf Club
  • Tackle Power Charlestown
  • Caltex Star Mart Lake Munmorah
  • Medco Service Centre in Windale

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