Hola, hey, hello, nǐ hǎo, I’m Milly.

Where’s Mildo is an irregularly updated camping, adventure and travel blog featuring the adventures of myself and my husband, Mark, and our German Shepherd x Border Collie, Ted. We’ll soon be joined by baby Brady from May 2021!

On weekdays I work as a Digital Content Producer, and on weekends we are usually somewhere in the bush, on the beach, or in the fourbie searching for a quiet campsite. In my downtime, I’m stringing words together for my blog, and occasionally other publishers.

We’re based in sunny Lake Macquarie, just a few hours north of Sydney. Most of our quick trips are in the state of New South Wales, but we manage to venture further afield every now and again.

Fitz Roy, Argentina. Photo credit: some German guy.

Where’s Mildo started a few years back when I had this insanely brilliant idea to write about places without giving away the name of the destination. I wanted readers to guess where the bloody hell I am. But, I quickly learnt my very small number of readers don’t have the patience (or care) to read about mysterious destinations – aside from my mother, of course (hey mum).

Bandipur, Nepal. Photo credit: Cameron Gardiner

Mark and I both work full time, but we don’t let that get in the way of living a life of adventure. Whether it’s a quick trip to the beach after work, taking three months of unpaid leave to travel around South America or finding a new hiking trail to conquer, we’re always ready to explore.

Henry Creek campsite, Te Anau, New Zealand.

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Note: things have been quiet on the blog for a while now due to house renovations and COVID-19, but we do have plans to hit the road again soon!

Approximately 2km away from Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal. Photo credit: Cameron Gardiner

Places I’ve Been

I haven’t yet ticked off Greenland, Bhutan, Guatemala, or Madagascar (maybe one day), but here are the places I’ve been beyond Australia.


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