During the week I work as an Editorial Producer at World Nomads, but on my days off Mark and I are usually somewhere in the bush, on the beach, or up the coast in the fourbie searching for the ultimate campsite. When I find time, I’m stringing words together for the blog – and occasionally other publishers.


Where’s Mildo started a few years back when I had this (insanely brilliant) idea to write about places without giving away the name of the destination. The whole idea was based around making readers wonder where the bloody hell I am. But, with readership in double-digits, and a little knowledge that literally nobody wants to read about a place without knowing where the hell I’m talking about, I decided to write like any other normal human should.


I’m a firm believer that working 9–5 shouldn’t get in the way of living an adventurous life, and with so much Australian bushland and outback to explore, our aim is to cover as much of Australia as possible… with or without annual leave.


If you choose to follow our journey, you’ll be updated with some of the best free camping destinations in Australia, some sneaky four-wheel-drive tracks in and around Sydney, quick and easy camping recipes, hiking trails, and budget-travel-friendly things to do around the world.

Places I’ve Been

I haven’t yet ticked off Greenland, Bhutan, Guatemala, or Madagascar (maybe one day), but here are the places I’ve been beyond Australia.


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