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Campfire storytelling that leaves you laughing…and inspired

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A wife and mother 24/7, content and communications manager by weekday, campfire storyteller and off-road adventurer by weekend. I live in a quiet town in New South Wales with my husband Mark and daughter Zoey, where we enjoy going camping along the east coast of Australia and taking the boat out to isolated parts of Lake Macquarie. It’s also our hobbit hole where we severely underestimate hiking trails (such as the W Trek in Patagonia) and plan our overseas adventures. 

In my early 20s I worked as a travel content producer and editor, and during this time my love for travel and writing grew tenfold. When I'm not talking to my dog or playing silly games with Zoey, I'm optimizing content for the Search Engine gods or watching mountaineering documentaries (because I’m too scared to do it myself).

Campfire storytelling that leaves you laughing…and inspired

Where's Mildo helps parents with rambunctious kids working the 9-5 craft childhoods filled with adventure – whether a road trip or overseas adventure.

And helps travellers turn their stories into words for others to enjoy.


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