Camping Road Trip

GOODBYE AGNES, Hello Hastings Point

I never knew Northern NSW was hiding this little gem.

We hastily drove down the coast on the 7th, towards the Sunshine coast, naievely hoping to snag ourselves a spot on a campground. Only to discover that the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Byron regions were all fresh out of spots to camp (due to peak season and school holidays of course).


Somewhere near Bundy

I made a phone call to Tweed Coast National parks, went to press the number 3 to contact Kingscliff, but accidentally pressed 5 on the keypad, and was put through to Hastings Point.

With a whole lot of holiday luck, Tanya (phone lady) said she had 3 camp spots available. But with a catch – they were unpowered basic sites. Funnily enough, this was the exact type of site we were looking for.

Instead of our expected 4 hour drive, we clocked 490 kilometres, and roughly 7.5 hours in the car.



So we’ve officially crossed the QLD/NSW border, and we’re both pretty grumpy about heading towards home…

Instead of whinging, we’ll just go fishing.

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