Cairns, the gateway to the Daintree and Cape York, right up the top of Australia where crocodiles could be hiding in the waterways, just metres from the road waiting for truck drivers to throw their KFC chicken wing bones out the window.

We only had four days in Tropical North Queensland, and really used our time in Cairns wisely. Here are some of our top tips to make the most of your short (and possibly sweaty) time in Cairns a bloody good one.

1. Hire a car

Having your own wheels to explore Australia is essential to a good time. This is especially so in Cairns, where quiet swimming holes and hiking trails are a little out of the way from public transport routes.

2. Drive to Kuranda

3. Check out this very large and intimidating waterfall

4. Take a walk beside Stoney Creek Falls

We hiked to the top in thongs while it was pouring with rain.

5. Have dinner at the Trinity Beach Pub

Sit on the beach and watch the sunset before you grab a delicious pizza from this seaside pub.

6. Grab a bite to eat at Holloways Beach

7. Swing in one of Palm Cove’s hammocks

8. Go for breakfast at Caffeind 

The Chili Eggs are a good choice, and

Everything in Cairns CBD is pretty close, where walking from your accommodation to dinner or the pub won’t take long – a real treat considering it’s always hot up there. Take a walk along the Esplanade in the evening to watch the sunset, but don’t even think about going for a dip in the water. Always read the warning signs, and don’t show off by going for a swim to impress the tourists. Crocodiles win. Every time.

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