A few months ago (yes, I have abandonned writing for that long) Mark and I caught a 6am flight from Sydney to Cairns. You know, the place at the top of Australia where crocs sit on the muddy shores of a riverbank, 2 metres from the road, waiting for truckies to fang their meatless KFC chicken wang (aka wing) bones out the window.

QLD from the skies

ANYWAY, we had 4 days up in tropical north QLD, so we had to use our time wisely. Here are some of my top tips to make the most of your short (and possibly sweaty) time in Cairns a bloody good one.

1. Hire a car

So that you can drive it to the top of some PRIME real-estate 🤘🏼

2. Drive to Kuranda

3. Check out this very large and intimidating waterfall

4. Take a trip to Stoney Creek Falls

We hiked to the top in thongs… and pouring rain.

5. Have dinner at the Trinity Beach Pub (the pizzas are good)

Sit on the beach and watch the sun-set before-hand.

6. Grab a bite to eat at Holloways Beach

7. Swing in one of Palm Cove’s hammocks

8. Go for breakfast at Caffeind 

I recommend their Chilli Eggs

And remember, everything is in close proximity around the Cairns CBD. So ditch the car and walk to the pub (you can have a few more bevvies)

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