After a long day hiking the Scott’s Track and summiting Avalanche Peak, we found a small cafe and ordered a huge plate of hot chups and a pizza.


With our appetites satisfied at last, we started the short drive to Lake Pearson campground. Another free campsite, with one toilet and no fires permitted.


This campground was super packed, so we drove around the corner and found the perfect quiet spot where a family of ducks were waddling around.

We parked up, sat in the back of the van and enjoyed the view of the lake, whiling away the time with a pack of music trivia cards and nibbling away at the last of our cold pizza.


  • $0
  • Not many sandflies
  • Plenty of ducks around
  • No campfires – but there are fire pits around (such rebels)
  • Drop toilet on site. Not that bad, just hold your nose.
  • I give this campsite a strong 9/10

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