Camping NSW

Fishing & Camping on Harrington Beach, NSW

With 2,137km of coastline, there are plenty of spots to set up camp on the beaches of NSW. We weren't expecting much when we rolled into Harrington, but what more could you ask for in a quiet seaside town?

Ditch paying a fee for a spot at the Discovery Holiday Park, let some air out of your tyres and go for a bumpy four-wheel-drive along the sand of Harrington Beach instead.


Wet a line in the inlet, and if you’re lucky you might spot some dolphins frolicking in the bay right before your eyes.

Dolphin fins saying G’day.


Put on a set of thongs and take a walk along the rocky river wall. If you’ve got a knack for fishing, you might have some luck catching something. If you’re lowsy – like us – don’t worry – it’s a short drive back into town to get some fish and chips or a juicy burger for dinner.




When you get bored of sun, sand, dolphins and catching no fish, take a drive up to Crowdy Head Lighthouse, about 20 minutes from Harrington. Go the scenic route, along the rocky road behind the dunes – that way you’ll ditch the traffic.

In the morning, roll out of the swag nice and early to catch a peaceful sunrise.


While the fish may not have been on the bite when we were at Harrington, the dolphins came out to play – and that’s good enough for me.

Where we stayed:

  • We rolled the swag out on Harrington Beach.
  • No toilets here, head back into town.
  • You’ll likely have the whole beach to yourself.

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