Ditch paying a fee for a spot at the Discovery Holiday Park, let some air out of your tyres and go for a bumpy four-wheel-drive along the sand of Harrington Beach instead.


Wet a line in the inlet, and if you’re lucky you might spot some dolphins frolicking in the bay right before your eyes.

Dolphin fins saying G’day.


Put on a set of thongs and take a walk along the rocky river wall. If you’ve got a knack for fishing, you might have some luck catching something. If you’re lowsy – like us – don’t worry – it’s a short drive back into town to get some fish and chips or a juicy burger for dinner.




When you get bored of sun, sand, dolphins and catching no fish, take a drive up to Crowdy Head Lighthouse, about 20 minutes from Harrington. Go the scenic route, along the rocky road behind the dunes – that way you’ll ditch the traffic.

In the morning, roll out of the swag nice and early to catch a peaceful sunrise.


While the fish may not have been on the bite when we were at Harrington, the dolphins came out to play – and that’s good enough for me.

Where we stayed:

  • We rolled the swag out on Harrington Beach.
  • No toilets here, head back into town.
  • You’ll likely have the whole beach to yourself.

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