Coachwood Campground

Located beside the Telegherry River there is a clearing in the forest where 4X4’s roam, yabbies hide, campfires burn and people camp – for free.

We snagged ourselves a great little spot in the corner of the campground right beside the river.

We went for a stroll along the river where we met a few kids who were casting their lines in and out of the shallow water. They told us they had caught a few eels and yabbies, but no luck with the fish.

With longdrop toilets and a few bins scattered around there are no reasons for this place to be a mess.

WHERE: Chichester State Forest

CAMPING: Coachwood Campground

WHEN: Autumn

WHY: Fresh air and beautiful surroundings.

WE PACKED:  Swag, pillows, doona, chainsaw, cold weather clothes, hiking boots, cooking essentials, fire lighters/matches, food, bag of ice, wood splitter, radio

ACTIVITIES: Fishing, hiking, waterfalls, yabbying, making friends, 4×4, dirt bike riding

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