Set up camp at Coachwood Campground, Chichester State Forest

Right beside the Telegherry River, there’s a clearing in the forest where four-wheel-drivers roam, yabbies hide, campfires burn, and you can camp – for free!

If you manage to get there on a quiet weekend, you might be able to snag this neat little spot right beside the river, in the corner of the campground.


Be sure to go for a stroll along the river, over to the see the purple rope swing hanging from a tree.

We met a few local kids who were casting their lines in and out of the shallow water. They told us they’d caught a few eels and yabbies, but no luck with the fish.


With long-drop toilets and a few bins scattered around, there’s no reasons for this place to be a mess. Do your bit, and clean up before you leave.


In the afternoon, we drove back up the road to find some old, fallen trees, to cut up some wood for the evening fire.

Watch your step. Mark looked down right before starting up the chainsaw, to see a red-bellied black snake beside his foot. Luckily it was winter, and the snake didn’t attack.


Camping at Coachwood Campground:

  • Head to Chichester State Forest, and set up camp at Coachwood Campground. There are two campsites, one on the right-hand side of the river, and the other on the left.
  • You’ll be spoiled with fresh air, a nice flowing river, questionable fishing spots, dirt-bike riding, and prime-camping.
  • We packed: the swag, pillows, doona, chainsaw, cold weather clothes, hiking boots, cooking essentials, fire lighters/matches, food, bag of ice, wood splitter, and the tradio.
  • Activities Nearby: Fishing, hiking, waterfalls, yabbying, making friends, 4×4, dirt bike riding


June 14, 2016

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