Boat access camping at Freshwater in Myall Lakes

Looking for the perfect isolated campsite? In the Bombah Broadwater area of Myall Lakes National Park, Freshwater campground can only be accessed by a 2km walking trail or by boat.

Myall Lakes National Park is a great destination for fishing, boating, kayaking and watersports. But, the campsites can become really busy during summer, and if you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten track, Freshwater campground might be for you.

Be aware if you’ve got a freshwater boat, the water here is slightly brackish.

We’ve been camping at a few places in the national park, but here’s why Freshwater is easily my favourite spot.

Driving the boat to Freshwater

Blasting INXS out of the speakers as we drive the boat away from Korsmans Landing, the water is flat and the sun is hot on our necks. But the boat ride is short lived, as we veer to the left and quickly pull up at the shallow waters of Freshwater campground.

Clear brackish waters at Freshwater camping/picnic area.

The water is warm and beautifully clear when I step off the boat and begin hauling our gear over the sand to campsite number five.

Our daughter keeps asking where the goannas are, and we tell her they’re at a conference. If we’re lucky we’ll see them tomorrow morning.

A tent among tall trees.
Campsite number 5.

The mosquitoes are out in full swing mid-afternoon, and after a few minutes sitting on our camp chairs we decide to go on a boating adventure to find ice cream.

Driving the boat over to Freshwater Campground.

Freshwater campground to Tea Gardens by boat

We zipped Zoey’s lifejacket up and off we went with a full tank of fuel and some snacks to take the boat up the waterways to Tea Gardens. The water was totally flat at Two Mile Lake, but once we crossed Bombah Point to White Tree Bay it was incredibly windy and rough, with huge waves slapping up against the aluminium.

Thankfully when we reached the mouth of Myall River (near Tamboi picnic area) it was smooth boating until we reached Tea Gardens.

Driving the boat up the Myall River towards Tea Gardens.

The boat trip to Tea Gardens took us an hour and 45 minutes, as we were carefully navigating the riverbanks and meandering our way past small clearings and fishing villages.

We tied the boat up to a jetty across from Tea Gardens Ice Cream Shack and walked across the road to find an incredibly long line out the door. It was 5pm on a 30+ degree day and everyone had the same idea. We each made a selection, and I watched as Zoey joyfully consumed her strawberry ice cream. The trip was totally worth it.

The boat ride back to Freshwater campground only took us an hour because we had waterway knowledge, plus we were riding the wake of some confident boaters in front of us – which made for a much more thrilling boating adventure.

Sunset at Freshwater campground.

When we get back to camp just after 6pm, we realised that a quick trip (eight minutes maximum) over to Bombah Point and we would have been able to buy an ice cream straight out of the freezer. No regrets – it was worthwhile for the adventure we otherwise wouldn’t have bothered taking.

The next morning when we wake up, we see four goannas and loads of wild turkeys roaming around the campsite – a very special experience for our daughter who is 2.5 years old at the time. When she shouts “The goannas are back from the conference!” we collectively giggle.


Getting there

  • By boat: Launch the boat at the Korsmans Landing boat ramp (which is also a campsite), where you can also park your car and trailer. Drive the boat from Korsmans Landing to Freshwater campground, no more than 5 minutes boat ride away.
  • You could also park your car at Mungo Brush campground and launch the boat there, but Korsmans is the closest.
  • On foot or bike: Driving along Mungo Brush Road, head towards Bombah Point Ferry and park at Taits Trail gate. Walk or cycle 2km (30-45min) to the campground along a flat, easy track.

Two Mile Sands Campground

  • Alternatively if you have tried booking Freshwater campground and it’s fully booked, make a booking at Two Mile Sands campground, which is a shorter boat ride from Korsmans Landing
  • There is no toilet here, just firepits with barbecue abilities
  • This campsite is only accessible via boat, there is no walking track to the site
  • We haven’t stayed here ourselves so I can’t comment on the facilities or experience, but we plan on visiting this campsite one day.

February 23, 2024

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