Is Ebor Falls overrated?

Ebor Falls is widely touted as one of the best, and most impressive, waterfalls in NSW.

Go on, Google “Best waterfalls in NSW”.

Google wtf

When we visited, we just weren’t so sure. Standing on a viewing platform doesn’t give the experience the zest like it would if we were at the foot of the falls.

We’d only planned to pop into Ebor Falls on our way to Cathedral Rock, after camping in Chaelundi National Park which was a really pleasant surprise.


Ebor Falls.

You’ll occasionally see photos of people wandering around the bottom of these falls. If we had more time maybe we would have bothered to find the way down there. Just another reason to come back with better planning in place.

Regardless, I’ve seen better waterfalls, and if you want the full experience, navigate your way to the base of the falls to avoid disappointment.

The most disappointing thing for us was that we could see see Ebor Falls from a viewing platform, and then you hop back in the car and follow a sign that says “lower falls” to reach an even further away viewing point.


When you get to the “lower falls” viewing point, this is what you’ll see.


Ebor Falls but further away.

My suggestion would be to merely include a quick visit to Ebor Falls on your way to Cathedral Rock, not drive 6hrs 35min from Sydney, or 5hrs from Brisbane just to see this.

Pack a picnic, watch the water roll off the rocks, and look forward to Cathedral Rock.

If you actually know how to hike down to the lower falls, please share your tips below – we plan on returning soon.



May 27, 2017

  1. Mel D says:

    I’d say your observations are meh. No appreciation for natural beauty like most waterfalls – more rain = increased flow

    • Haha, fair enough! We’ve seen some pretty wicked waterfalls elsewhere. Maybe the feeling of driving to a tourist trap after spending a few nights in the real wilderness brought the experience down.

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