Queenstown: Not your usual adrenaline junkies tale

After chowing down on our last bowl of muesli behind the van and using up our instant coffee, we drove from Twenty Five Mile Stream to Queenstown for our last full day in New Zealand.

We went to Fergburger for an early lunch, joining the end of a very long line at just 10:50am. 20 minutes later, we sat down to eat our Tropical Swine burgers, fighting away the birds as they pecked at our crumbs.

Fergbuger: The Verdict

Those burgers totally lives up to the hype. With huge buns, plenty of sauce, juicy pineapple, fresh lettuce, delicious beef – I can’t complain. Seriously, my mouth was full, and it’s rude to talk with your mouth full.

I’d suggest you grab a few extra napkins to wipe the sauce off your forehead.


Sorry for the shit quality photo, I’m not a foodstagrammer.

We were treated with mighty-fine weather on our last full day in New Zealand. The sun was shining bright, with a 20 degree balmy temperature.

Camping at Creekyside Queenstown Holiday Park

For our final night, we chose to cough up the cash and pay $65NZD for a spot to park the van at Creekyside Queenstown Holiday Park. That way we could both enjoy a shower before hopping on the plane, and we could easily walk back to the van after a night out on the town.

After driving a total of 1,821km from Christchurch, through Arthur’s Pass, to Mount Cook, Lake Tekapo, and all the way to Milford; we were spent. Literally, we were low on cash. So our experience of Queenstown doesn’t feature the usual adrenaline-junkie tales.

That evening we met up with old mates from high school for a few drinks. Across from the Ballarat Hotel, there’s a roof top bar where we sipped on white wine sangria, beers, and chin-wagged our adventures away.

Below Zero

Later that night we went to Below Zero, an ice bar set at -11 degrees celcius, we’re you’ll be given jackets, gloves and boots – if needed for those of you that wear thongs everywhere.


Fa-fa-fa-fareezing. And smashing shot glasses. Literally.

The next morning we woke up with heavy heads and weary eyes, cleared out our rubbish and headed straight for Britz to return the van, and catch our flights home to Sydney.

After an incredible 11 days driving around New Zealand we found mindblowing sights along the way, darn difficult hiking trails, a few sheep, and cheap campsites to park the van.

Regardless, I’ll be back in July to see the snow.

Have you been to New Zealand? What do you think we should have done differently?

April 15, 2017

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