Hiking through the snow to Mt Kosciuszko Lookout in winter

“We’d like to purchase a ticket for the Kosciuszko Express. We’re going to hike to the lookout.”

With a look of terror, the young woman behind the desk looked up at Matt in his t-shirt, “We’d recommend against hiking to the lookout at this time of year – the path is covered in snow. It’s too dangerous.”

“Ah, yeah. We know it’s been snowing. Can you please just give us the passes?”

Disapprovingly, she continued, “We see lots of hikers go up there in winter wearing nothing but a t-shirt, and it’s very easy to get lost.” She said to Matt, who, little-did-she-know had a snow jacket in his backpack.

The three of us blink once. Blink twice.


We grabbed our tickets from the paranoid Thredbo ticket sales-lady, and shuffled out of the warm room, up to the ski-lift.


Riding the Kosciuszko Express

So, it’s winter and you’ve decided now is a great time to go for a hike in Thredbo. I’ve got a lazy option for those of you who couldn’t be bothered hiking all the way to the summit through the snow, but still want to experience the glory of Mount Kosciuszko.

Here’s a tip: Just because you aren’t a snow-boarder or skier, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t opt for waterproof pants and a jacket.

All you’ve got to do is take the 2km walk from the chairlift, to Mount Kosciuszko Lookout. Through snow. Heavy snow.

First, catch the ski-lift up to the cafe, sit down, have a hot chocolate – and watch your step as you walk around the corner to meet up with the snow-covered path.

As you follow in the ~questionable~ footsteps of those who’ve walked earlier that day, there’s a chance you’ll see the metal path beneath, where the snow has been cleared for people to find their way to the top. If you don’t and you happen to find yourself bum-deep in snow, you’ve probably wandered too far off the trail.



You’ll pass Ramshead Range, a set of granite peaks to your left, before reaching a bigger rock, where you can stop and look back on the kilometre you’ve just walked.




Pat yourself on the back, and continue along the walk-way to reach Kosciusko lookout.

If you can be bothered (we couldn’t), continue your way up to the summit. Otherwise, it’s time to turn back and catch that ski-lift back down to the pub.

Go on, have a beer. You deserve it.

If you choose to take this route, you should give yourself at least two hours to enjoy the views and throw snowballs at/with your friends.

August 4, 2017

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