Hiking with our daughter using the Osprey Poco Plus

New to the parenting world and want to ignite your child’s love for the outdoors? Here’s why I think the Osprey Poco Plus can help.

We love hiking. Always have, always will. But when you are new to parenting and trying to juggle weekend adventures and routines with kids, hiking can be hard to maintain in the new lifestyle.

When Zoey turned one year old, we made the wise decision to purchase an Osprey Poco Plus and really felt like we were able to begin doing the things we loved again.

What’s good about the Osprey Poco Plus?

This child carrier is suited to carrying approximately 22kg (including gear and child weight), and the straps are adjustable as your child grows. With a built-in sunshade and adjustable foot stirrups, it’s a really sturdy option for those of you looking for the ultimate comfort and safety for your hiking companion.

If your child is younger, the drool pad is removable and washable.

Mark is over 6ft tall, and the bag has adjustable straps to fit tall adults.

Osprey Poco Plus carrier.
At the top of Tomaree summit, Nelson Bay.

What’s bad about the Osprey Poco Plus?

Every child is different. Some kids just might not enjoy being strapped into a backpack, especially if they are an energetic toddler. So if you’re about to drop $500 AUD on a backpack and you’re unsure if your kid will even like it, I see why the price tag is a detractor.

Aside from the steep price tag I couldn’t really fault the bag at all. It does exactly what you want it to do.

If your child is in the midst of a crazy growth spurt and already on the larger end of the scale, this carrier might not be useable for as long as you’d hoped for. If your child is petite, this could last you up until they turn four years old (keep in mind the 22kg weight limit).

If you’ve got the budget available, I highly recommend this child carrier.

What other outdoor gear are you looking to invest in for your growing family? Share your tips in the comments.

February 29, 2024

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