Jellybean Pools: A day trip to the Blue Mountains

On a sunny winter’s day in Sydney we took a Saturday day trip to the foot of the Blue Mountains, where a short hike leads to the Jellybean Pools.

A hidden beach in the mountains awaits, with soft sand and still water. Around the corner we could hear gushing water. We climbed over some rocks that lead to a tiny waterfall. I was happily perched on a rock, watching the water rush through the bushes, but Cam decided it would be a great idea to leap over the running water and sit on a rock. With great courage and balance, he calmly stood on the rock, looked over to me and grinned.

The water was still until I threw half my passionfruit skin into it, disturbing the calm surface and letting out ripples of water. We could occasionally hear the hum of a truck coming down the road of the blue mountains. Other than that, it was a peaceful and quiet location.

The Jellybean pools are a perfect spot for a picnic – if only we had thought to pack one. There’s plenty of sandy space to drop a picnic rug and make a groove in the sand to sit yo ass down.

Afterwards, we drove deeper into the Blue Mountains and stopped at Leura for a pie and a coffee to refuel our tummies. We drove around a little more, and found ourselves in Katoomba overlooking the Three Sisters.

June 27, 2015

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