Meet the street dogs of South America that stole my heart

Fat ones, skinny ones, some as big as a horse. These are the four legged flea-bags that stole my heart while we travelled around South America and Cuba.

Luna ran beside our bicycles from Valle de la Luna 16km back into San Pedro de Atacama, and became the hostel dog.
This friendly German Shepherd guards Yambolombia Hostel, just outside the town of Salento near Colombia’s Cocora Valley.
These two doggos spend their days wandering around The Journey Hostel in Tayrona National Park, Colombia.
This good lookin’ chap was guarding his owner’s casa in the town of Vinales, Cuba.
At a hostel in Arequipa, Peru, the owners were asking if any travellers wanted to walk their dog, Kayla. Kayla is a lazy pooch, so I say good luck to anyone who did take up the offer.
Novia and Miller became our good friends while we stayed at Vinnhaus hostel in Puerto Natales, Chile.
The hostel owner’s dog in Minca, Colombia.
This young pupperino enjoys pats from hikers near Machu Picchu, Peru.
Belly scratches for this young lad before we started hiking in Colca Canyon, Peru.
This sleepy pooch wakes for nobody in the quiet streets of Salento, Colombia.
This odd-eyed dog was very protective of his corner of the street in Puerto Natales.
While waiting for breakfast in Huacachina, Peru, this woofer came to sit beside us.
This good boy is waiting in line for a heckin’ good meal at Maccas in Lima, Peru.
We met this little fella while hiking in the Vinales Valley, Cuba.
This puppy, also in Cuba’s Vinales Valley, wouldn’t have been more than five weeks old.
If you’ve ever walked the streets of Havana, you’ll no doubt have seen these dogs on show.

It’d be a lost cause asking me to name just five of the hundreds of travellers we met along the way. But, I’ll never forget the names of these dogs – or at least, the names we gave them.

January 21, 2019

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