Somersby: The Waterfall Not The Cider

In 12 steps, I give you the guide to Somersby Falls.

1. Take the stairs  

2. After taking the flight of stairs you’ll come to a little clearing of trees, let the sound of gushing water lead you here, to the second waterfall of Somersby

3. Turn back and continue down the mossy rocks towards the crashing sound water below

4. People. Everywhere.

5. Take a hike over the big rocks to a little path on the right hand side. You might not hear it yet, but there’s a pearler of a waterfall beyond this one..

6. Beyond the valley of giant rocks and trees, you will find a large watery plateau.

7. Abseil down the slippery steps.

8. Have yourself a damn good shower.

9. Or perhaps a bath?

10. Continue down the falling water trail

 11. To swing on some vines like Tarzan

12. Or just take in this beautiful nature that the central coast has to offer.

Go on, do yourself a favour and visit Somersby Waterfalls.

April 2, 2016

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