2 days in Tamworth: How to make your trip worthwhile

Pack your flanno, it’s time to go to Tamworth. Here’s why.

1. The drive to Tamworth is pretty

If you’re not crazy about road-trips, while away the time by counting cows.


2. There are plenty of nice places to stay

We found a neat little place, CH on Peel Boutique Hotel. Breakfast was included, and from memory we didn’t pay all that much for one night.


3. You’ll find some quirky street art, and plenty of stores selling ugg boots

If neither of those are your thing, there’s more.


4. Pubs. Pubs and bars are everywhere

Every street corner you reach, there’s a new pub to be found. A favourite of ours was Pig & Tinder Box. We got the fries, a cocktail jug, and a beer – not so cheap, however.


That evening we ate at the Post Office Hotel, Tamworth. And if you’re there, you should too.

5. Views. The views over Tamworth go alright

We drove to the top of Tamworth lookout to see the (very flat) town below.



6. Big things. Like the Golden Guitar

Look, where else in the world can you tick off a whole list of big things to see? One of them happens to be the Golden Guitar. And if you plan on ticking off all of Australia’s Big Things – a trip to Tamworth is a must.


If you look closely, you’ll see a heap of bird droppings at the top of the guitar.

Have you been to Tamworth? What did we miss?

September 2, 2016

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