Resort crashers: Camping in the Kingfisher Bay carpark on K’gari

“Enjoying your stay, sir?” the staff working behind the bar of the Kingfisher Bay was watching as Mark took a towel from the shelf.

“Ahh, yeah man,” Mark replied with a sheepish look on his face as he walked away with the towel.


The night before we’d waved goodbye to our friends who had been staying at the resort. They suggested we could sneak into the resort pool and go for a dip.

We didn’t have any accommodation booked, and wisely chose to sleep the first night of 2016 in the parking lot of Kingfisher Bay so we could get up early and celebrate new years eve at Lake Mckenzie.


A few days earlier, we’d visited the lake with terrible weather. But, this time we could see Lake McKenzie in all the glory.

After Lake McKenzie, we headed back to Kingfisher to spend the afternoon on the beach near the jetty. For our last night on the Island, we decided to camp in the parking lot again to be right where we needed for the 7am ferry to Hervey Bay.


Leaving the island was surreal after a week of limited reception and island life. But, we only scratched the surface of adventures available to explorers on K’gari.

Our next stop on the road trip, Bundaberg.

January 1, 2016

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